how I do my own gel manicures at home



One of my favorite ways to show myself a little extra love is getting a fresh manicure. I’ve been doing this for years now and I’ve become obsessed with my nails and making them look their best. I love getting manicures and choosing the colors and just spending some time being pampered. I was first introduced to gel about a year ago when I got a gift card to a spa and decided to use part of it for my first gel mani. I was in love the second I found out you didn’t have to wait forever for them to dry, just 90 seconds. I left the spa and felt pretty good, but I was ready to test out how long these gel nails would last. Two weeks went by and they looked perfect and good as new. I finally chipped them and went right back to the salon to get them fixed. I love the look, durability, and shine of gel nails and I had never thought that doing them myself was an option, so I continued to drain $50 out of my bank account every month or so to give my nails the look I thought was only achievable in the salon.

Flash forward to a few months ago when I see a youtuber do her own gel nails in one of her vlogs. I felt like an idiot for never thinking of this option and immediately went to Amazon. I did my research and landed on a UV light, a set of a top and base coat, and a set of 6 polishes of various shades. I was shocked to look at my cart and see that my total was just under $55. I placed the order and when the supplies came the next day, I ran to my room, red the instructions, and started painting. The whole process only took about 25 minutes and my nails looked like I got them done by a professional (granted I also pride myself at being very good at painting my nails thanks to the early days of youtube). I showed my work off to my friends and family and they were also surprised at the results. Not only has doing my own gel nails saved me a lot of money (more for clothes!), it also has made me even better at doing my nails and I prefer it to going to get them done because I can sit in front of my computer and watch TV or youtube.

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UV lamp

Top and base coat

Basic Polish Set

Neon polish set

Gel remover clips and cotton (100% acetone not included)


IMAGES: AMAZON.COM, @modernpampersalon, & @refinery21uk