how I do my own gel manicures at home



One of my favorite ways to show myself a little love is to get a fresh manicure. I’ve been doing this for years now and I’ve become obsessed with my nails and making them look their best. I love the look, durability, and shine of gel nails and I had never thought that doing them myself was an option, so I continued to drain $50 out of my bank account every month to give my nails the look I thought was only achievable in the salon.

Flash forward a few months and while doing my routine amazon shopping, an ad for a UV light, a set of a top and base coat, and a set of 6 polishes of various shades showed up. I added everything to my cart and two days and $55 later, I had my supplies. The whole process only took about 25 minutes and my nails looked like I got them done by a professional (granted I also pride myself at being very good at painting my nails thanks to the early days of youtube). I showed my work off to my friends and family and they were also surprised at the results. Not only has doing my own gel nails saved me money, it also has made me even better at doing my nails and I prefer it to going to get them done because I can sit in front of my computer and watch TV or youtube.

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UV lamp

Top and base coat

Basic Polish Set

Neon polish set

Gel remover clips and cotton (100% acetone not included)


IMAGES: AMAZON.COM, @modernpampersalon, & @refinery21uk