here are my favorite beauty products for summer/fall

I’m a beauty enthusiast and love everything skincare and self-care. When I fall for a product, I fall hard and become obsessed. I’m pretty picky and I’ve tried a lot of flops and just okay products. I have combo/oily skin with the occasional breakout. I’m constantly searching for new holy-grail products and only stop when I find something that can’t be beat. Keep scrolling for some of the best skincare out there!

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I had been dealing with these tiny bumps on my forehead for a few months and nothing seemed to help them. I had tried exfoliators (physical and chemical) and nothing was working. I was in Walgreens when a friend recommended them and I hesitantly bought them, with low expectations. I used them that night and woke up with 3/4 of the bumps gone. Not only are these amazing, but readily available and super affordable!


Another super effective and reasonably priced item, this moisturizer is amazing and leaves my skin so glowy and soft. I use it at night mostly because it does make you look a little shiny at first, but it sinks in after some wear.


I was gifted the drunk elephant marula in the past and when I went to repurchase I was unpleasantly surprised to see that it was over $100 for a bottle. I scrolled down and saw this oil in the recommended section and made an impulse buy justified by it’s under $10 price tag. The purchase paid off and this is one of my favorite oils for when I’m feeling dry or flaky.


I’m very picky about my chapsticks, I hate waxy ones, ones that taste bad, ones that transfer too easily, and ones that I have to use my fingers to apply. This one has been my go-to for almost a year and I don’t even both trying to find something better. I love the chubby stick, it smells amazing, and is so moisturizing. It checks all the boxes and even thought it’s a little pricey, it lasts a long time.


I’ve always been on the hunt for a good whitening toothpaste that isn’t all chemicals and I never found anything that gave me satisfying results. I was never a fan of the charcoal fad and when I saw a coconut toothpaste I had no hope. I got it anyways and after one use I was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t taste like coconut and made my teeth visibly whiter. Now I always have a few tubes lying around for fear that I’ll one day run out.


While they don’t exactly fall into the skincare category, these reusable cotton rounds are great. They are good for the environment and are super easy to use. They come with a little pouch to put them in after they are used and you just throw the pouch into the laundry machine with your clothing and they come out good-as-new. They work just as well, if not better, than disposable rounds and after a few uses they pay for themselves.

Written- Ava R.