My Favorite Winter Skincare


As the weather starts to change and get colder, I start to switch out my summer/fall skincare with my winter routine. I have combination skin that is also a little sensitive, so keep that in mind when looking at my list. Starting in about November, my face gets a little more dry than usual. By the end of the month there is dry skin on my cheeks and other spots on my face. In a desperate attempt to combat this dry skin, I rush to Sephora to refill whatever products I am missing or have expired from last years routine. Most products in my routine have stayed constant for a few years, but there are some new additions this year. Let’s get started!

(Get ready to hear me say “moisturized” and “hydrated” too many times!)




I use this face wash every other night and it is so good! It is moisturizing and removes all the dirt and makeup on my skin, but is still super gentle. It lasts a long time and is definitely worth every penny!


glossier milky jelly cleanser

This is my favorite morning face wash. It is super gentle and smells very faintly of roses, which I love. If you are looking for a very gentle, hydrating cleanser that will remove light makeup and clean your face, this is definitely the one!


Olehenriksen pore balance scrub

I use this exfoliator every other day of when my skin is flakey and dry. It has a warming effect that opens up your pores and soothes your skin. I’ve noticed how much this also helps to get rid of any big pimples of texture on my skin.


glossier solution

The Glossier Solution is a chemical exfoliator that helps purify and clear skin in 4 weeks. I have been using this for a few months and so far I’m loving it! It has helped reduce redness and blemishes for me, as well as clogged pores. I use this every night and it is amazing.


thayers witch hazel toner

Thayers Witch Hazel Toner is the perfect morning toner to make your face feel fresh and ready for the day, whether or not you put on makeup. It is natural, which I love, and super effective. It helps with redness, acne, and overall texture.


First aid beauty moisturizer

This super moisturizing face lotion is an essential piece of my winter skincare routine. It is sort of whipped or fluffy so it won’t make you break out or get clogged pores. It is so hydrating and perfect for my skin type.


tarte maracuja gold oil

The Tarte Maracuja Gold Oil is another crucial part of my routine. I usually mix a few drops of it with my First Aid Beauty moisturizer I mentioned above. It really helps to clear and hydrate my skin. The gold is just a fun limited edition version, but the original works just as well!


fresh rose face cream

The Fresh Rose Face Cream is a spectacular morning face cream. It is light and doesn’t make your skin look oily. It really helps with my redness and helps to make me look more awake in the mornings.


differin gel

Differin Gel isn’t specifically part of just my winter routine, I use it all year, but it is so good I had to mention it! It is an acne cream that works wonders on any pimple or breakout area. It is the best thing I have used in years to help with my zits.


Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment

This eye cream is super helpful if you ever have puffy eyes or dark circles. It had avocado and is moisturizing and gentle on your sensitive under-eyes.


jade roller & massager

I didn’t understand the hype about these for the longest time. I finally caved and ordered one off Amazon to see anything people were saying was true about them. Once I started using them regularly they became my favorite part of the skincare routine. They de-puff, help with circulation and lymph node drainage, and reduce redness. They are also just very calming and soothing.

written— Ava R.

pictures— Ava R.

Ava Rylee