My Favorite Jewelry Right Now

If you are someone like me, every time you see a unique piece of jewelry, you feel like you have to buy it. I’m a sucker for cute and functional items, especially earrings. That being said, my collection is mostly made up of a couple unique pieces and some basics that I wear more often. I wear my ring, necklaces and a combination of various earrings on a daily basis and I’m constantly on the search for more minimalistic and chic jewelry. Below I’ve compiled a list of my current favorites, as well as a few extra pieces that are similar! Also, all of my jewelry is gold because it’s just my preference, but you could find all of these items in silver.


These mini chain hoops from a cute NYC store called Mulberry & Grand are a fun twist on the classic hoop earrings and are super affordable!


Brandy Melville makes really great and super affordable earrings, and these tortoise hoops are no exception.


These chunky hoops were actually my mom’s when she was a teenager, so they aren’t available now but a similar pair are these hoops, or (for a cheaper version) these ones.

Unfortunately, these Forever 21 earrings are not available anymore, but a nearly identical pair are the yochi pearl drop hoops.


These simple, thin gold hoops are my favorites because they look good with anything and make anything look chic. A cheaper option would be these hoops.



The Hermes Clic H bracelet is such a classic piece that I wear everyday. If you are looking for a similar style for a better price, Tory Burch has a very similar bracelet.



This necklace was my Grandmother’s, but a great dupe is this one from Macy’s or another inexpensive dupe would be the Madewell chain.



The Cartier Love Ring is my everyday ring that matches everything. If you are in the market for a similar style ring that doesn’t rip off the design, this one is perfect.



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