10 healthy breakfast options

I’ve have a love-hate relationship with this meal for my entire life. Part of me feels like it is a waste of time that could be spent sleeping, and the other part feels like I need it so I don’t get hangry and ruin my whole day. I’ve recently realized how important it is for me to start of the day with something good and light, but still filling enough to leave me full until lunch. My favorite breakfasts are quick and easy, but also super good and good for you!


  1. A bowl of fresh berries (I usually go for part strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries)

  2. Oatmeal (berries on top)

  3. A smoothie (add in veggies if you want)

  4. matcha pancakes (I love this recipe from POOSH)

  5. scrambled, fried, poached, or boiled eggs

  6. an english muffin or toast with jam

  7. overnight chia seed pudding (this one’s my favorite)

  8. mini quiche ( this recipe is simple)

  9. banana (or another fruit/veggie) bread (easy because you can make a loaf to last you a week- click here for a good recipe)

  10. quinoa breakfast bowl


IMAGES: vibrantplate.com & thespruceeats.com