my travel essentials


I love traveling as much as the next girl, but believe it or not, one of my favorite parts is packing. I love having an organized suitcase and carry-on, and feeling super prepared. My mother taught me how to pack when I was little, and for that I’ve always been thankful. Even though my wardrobe is expanding faster than ever before, I still manage to be be pretty good at packing just the basics and a few fun things. Below are my essentials for any type of travel!

a good suitcase:

Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 10.31.19 PM.png

This AWAY suitcase is my favorite, it fits so much and the portable charger in it is so useful! It’s also pretty and durable.

a carry-on bag:

I like a bag I can put on my suitcase and kind of forget about. These two are great options and they both hold a lot.

something to hold toiletries:

I like that this set comes with two pouches because I like to bring my extensive skincare routine me with when I go abroad.

a cozy pj set (for long car rides or overnight flights)

Not only do these PJs feel like silk, they are under $30! I would consider these one of my best Target finds.

noise-cancelling headphones:

These headphones are crucial to my packing list. They can drown out anything from the hum of the airplane to the screaming baby sitting next to you. They are well worth the investment.